Raúl Alarcón, better known as Florcita Motuda, was elected as a representative for the 17th district on Sunday night with 6.523 votes, a 2,67% of the preferences in the Maule region.

Florcita, who ran with the support of Frente Amplio, a fourteen-party coalition, was one of the 7 new lawmakers chosen in the region during this General Election.

The singer has tried an array of musical styles, going from funk to rock. He has been a TV personality and tried to start a career in politics in 1989, 2005 and 2013, but never succeeded.

After the Electoral Service confirmed his seat in the Lower House, Florcita took to Twitter and promised to live up until 100 years of age, time in which he wishes to be “useful” both mystically and politically.

Besides, he thanked those who elected him with Frente Amplio and stated that he is going to work to restore rights, such as creativity, art and music.

Mr Alarcón in concert. Hans Scott | Agencia UNO
Mr Alarcón in concert. Hans Scott | Agencia UNO

Mr Alarcón is one of the 20 representatives that Frente Amplio will have in Congress as of 11 March, 2018, results who surprised many given that polls assumed the party would come fourth, even fifth. The coalition also gained one senator.

Below, you can listen to, perhaps, his most popular hit: People.