The 2017 Chilean General Election surprised many with its outcomes, given that many long-standing figures lost their seats in Congress and new faces were chosen to be a part of the Legislative body as of 11 March, 2018.

Such case is particularly relevant in the Los Lagos region, in the south of Chile, were voters chose Sunday the first ever Huilliche woman elected to the Lower House as a representative for the 25th district.

Emilia Nuyado‘s campaign slogan was “From Williche territory to Parliament”, idea that became a reality with 8.142 votes, a 6,26% of preferences.

In this way, the advisor to the Indigenous National Corporation will become a member of Congress with the objective of defending her people as main goal, as she has promised for some time.

Two of the most emblematic faces in the region, Sergio Ojeda (Cristian Democracy, center-left), and Marisol Turres, (UDI, right) lost their seats representing Los Lagos.