The dawn of this Wednesday was confirmed the detention of the suspects of the incendiary attack which killed the married couple Luchsinger-Mackay.

Exclusive information of Bío Bío Radio reported simultaneous operations from the Police of Investigation (PDI).

The procedures headed by the regional prosecutor, Cristián Paredes, have had supporting from the Brigade of Tactic Reaction from the Metropolitan Region, and were made at different points of La Araucanía, especially at countryside. According to the information, the procedure was coordinated between the Police of Investigation and the Public Ministry since a long time ago.

The criminals under arrest, are allegedly directly involved in the murdering of the couple, who died after a group of people burned down their house, in January of 2013.

According to the preliminary information the arrested were identified as: Francisca Linconao, José Sergio Tralcal Coche, Luis Sergio Tralcal Quidel, Aurelio Catrilaf Parra, Hernán Zenen Catrilaf Ilaupe, Sabino Catrilaf Quidel, Juan Segundo Tralcal Quidel, Sergio Marcial Catrilaf Marilef, Eliseo Ariel Catrilaf Romero, José Arturo Córdova Tránsito, Francisca Linconao Huircapan and José Manuel Peralino Huinca.