The Financial Minister, Rodrigo Valdés, expounded before the Congress about the fiscal adjustment, driven by the Government. This time, the minister explained that the main affected areas are going to be: Education, Public Works, and Interior.

This fiscal adjustment driven by the Government reduced the public budget on 540 million dollars, and will be reduced from almost all the executive portfolios.

This way, Valdés and the budgets director, Sergio Granados, explained that the main affected areas, are going to be Education (18%), Interior (11%), Public Works (6.6%), and Transportation (4.4%). While Health will be not modified.

In the same way, Public Treasury will suffer the larger deduction at the total of the fiscal adjustment, specifically, 36.9%.

Additionally, the main cutback will come from common area expenses (71.3%), and only 28.7% from the capital expenditure.