Members of Parliament insisted on theory that Sergio Galvarino Apablaza, should be judged by the Chilean Institutions. The man who has been accused of the murdering of Jaime Guzmán.

On February 24th , will be communicated if the Argentine Government will allow to Chile the impugnation of the political asylum given to Apablaza.

Last February 3rd, the litigious Tribunal of Argentina, has conceded to Chile the permission to submit a writ of appealing against his status of refugee. But the decision was appealed by the Argentine State.

Iván Flores, DC deputy and member of the commission of Foreign Affairs, pointed out that the condition of refugee can not be snatched from one day to the next, however, he sentenced that Galvarino Apablaza should be judged in the country. Opinion that was supported by the RN senator, Francisco Chahuán.

After the pronouncement of Argentina, Chile will have 10 days to resort to the justice and try to get the extradition of Galvarino Apablaza.