The Argentinian historian, Pablo Lacoste Gargantini, has undeniable evidence to demonstrate that the Pisco had his origin in Chile.

Lacoste and other 15 professionals from 4 different countries, investigated the origin of this distilled liquor with funds provided by Conicyt. Their work will be published on May 15th (Pisco day) in a book of 500 pages.

According to an interview with LUN, the historian explained that the first document that would had confirm that the pisco does not have a Peruvian origin, is an inventory of goods belonging to the assets of “La Torre” from 1733, where the word “pisco”, appears for the first time.

In addition, he said that his team has even investigated the patrimony and also the life of the owner, Pablo Cortés, who had in 1684, 10 thousands “bottles”, 50 jars of “pisco”, and destillation equipment.

The second document is a record of the place where the Pisco of Elqui is located, records that assure that the pisco already existed there in 1936.

“Peru built a story of supremacy, an invention, in which, according to them, Chile copied the pisco from them, but now, we are showing that in Chile the pisco had its origin 100 years before than in Peru”.

The investigation of this historian expects to set the juridical basis, to help Chile claim its commercial rights over the pisco, internationally.