The president of the Southern Federation of truck drivers, José Villagrán, insists that the president Michelle Bachelet should visit the zone in order to solve the terrorism they are living and not only to go on vacations as she did the last year.

The last week the representatives of three unions have had a meeting with the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott, where they expounded the situations that are affecting them, specifically the burning of machines and the delinquency.

According to the numbers given by the victims, 144 trucks have been burned at The Araucania and three machines are stolen per day at the central-north part of the country. The incidents are alerting every day more the truck drivers, the main victims of these crimes, who accuse the Government of not be taking any action.

The requests of the unions are: the penal persecution for this kind of crimes, the improvement of the legislation in order to support the ID control or the instauration of an efficent system of protected witnesses, in order to clear up the causes of the crimes.