Codelco is seeking the continuity for the division of El Salvador, through the exploration of a brand new vein, called as the “Rajo Inca” project, providing, like this, a new chance for the renewal of this Chilean historical mine.

From the mining field, are optimistically watching the investigations which are actually in process, and experts assure that, in case of positive results, the outlay would be absolutely justified. In regard with the results, Codelco estimated that they will be published in the mid of 2016.

3 thousand million dollars would be the estimated investment if the results confirm the project as feasible.

The feasibility study would be finished in the mid of 2016, and according to the estimations given by the mine, the project would allow the extraction of more than 170 thousand tons per year, and has been scheduled getting into operations at 2021.

The manager of engineering and Construction of Codelco, Gustavo Soto, adds that the new vein would expand the operations at El Salvador for at least 20 more years.

While the economist and copper expert, Pablo Pincheira, pointed out the importance of knowing the project costs in order to determinate its rentability.

On his behalf, the president of the Mining Commission at the low Chamber, Luis Lemus, emphasized on the fact that El Salvador needs the revitalization because the incomes there are almost nonexistent.

On the coming weeks , Codelco will present a report about the main variables to revitalize El Salvador and in the mid of 2016 they are going to communicate if “Rajo Inca” would be constructed.