Investigation confirmed the initial estimations of scientists: the water of Puerto Williams was found to be 100% pure, as no other place on Earth. “It’s one of the few places on Earth, not yet affected by industrial development,” said Dr. Guido Verbeck of the University of North Texas.

The scientists analyzed the Ukika, Bronces, Róbalo and Laguna Los Guanacos rivers, seeking to confirm the evidence that pointed out the high purity of the waters.

The study was conducted by the North Texas University, the University of Magallanes and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity of the University of Chile.

“Our results confirmed that these waters are clean, the cleanest on the planet. In fact, the tools we use to study the samples, detect up to two parts per millions of chemicals in the water, and here it did not detect anything, “said Dr. Guido Verbeck UNT.

Verbeck adds that “Biosphere Reserve Cape Horn as a natural laboratory to establish a line of pre-industrial base, which exists in unique parts of the world like this, that have not been affected by industrial development”.

Dr. Ricardo Rozzi pointed out the discovery, especially because of the water scarcity that the planet is facing. “It’s one of the most criticals in the XXI century in terms of scarcity and compared to the existing quality in the Northern Hemisphere, where acid rain, thus contamination, give a very high value to this waters”.

Gonzalo Rivas, president of the National Council of Innovation for Development, highlighted the momentum that this news could mean for scientific tourism in Puerto Williams. “A scientist should spend on implements and terms of stay, an average of 10 times more than a normal tourist” according to El Mercurio slogan Thursday.