Chile started a study of feasibility for the construction of the first permanent pier at one of its bases in the Antarctica in order to provide more and better conditions to the disembarkment of cargo, scientists and tourists on the zone.

The Ministry of Public Works informed that the first stage of the building consist in finding a proper place for the pier on the Fildes Bay, at the King Jorge Island where the Estrellas Villa is located, the small town at the Eduardo Frei Montalva base, that works as center of military and scientist operations in the Antarctica, 3500 km at the southern from Santiago.

“The pier will be located strategicaly, where many Chilean and foreign bases are located”, José Retamales, director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute said, among the statements spread this Friday by El Mercurio.

The structure will be permanent, that is the main difference with the current detachable instalations and should count with an environmental study of feasability.

Its purpose is to surpass the precarious conditions of disembarkment on the zone, that are forcing to big ships getting on and down cargo, and also tourists and scientists who are working at the area through rubber boats on a beach, which has been very complicated and uncomfortable, Retamal adds.

The construction includes a terrace for the circulation of cargo and people and an embarkation for the move of containers from the ships to the pier, due to the low depth of the water and the wild climate that doesn’t allow the approaching of large draught ships.