This Friday morning the president Michelle Bachelet attended to the delivered of the annual report ” State of the Human Rights in Chile”.

The event began with the presentation of the pianist María Paz Santibañez, who was almost assassinated when she was student of the University of Chile, during a protest against the dean, José Luis Federici, designated by the Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in 1987.

The director of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), Lorena Fries, delivered the report, and its first chapter makes reference to the controversial corruption cases that exists in the country like Penta, SQM, Corpesca and others.

The document points out that these facts are generating favorable environments for the vulneration of rights and are putting the State to the service of private interests.

Among other recommendations the INDH suggests to establish the exclusivity of the Parliamentarian labor, the elimination of the companies’ contributions to the political campaigns and the categorization of corruption cases between privates.

In addition the report makes reference to the Constitutional process, by reiterating the recommendations given the last year. And also were mentioned others issues like the anti-delinquency Agenda, the conflicts at La Araucanía and crimes against human rights which occured through the year.