A public survey applied to 340 figures from diverse spheres of power in Chile, pointed out those who are considered by the “elite” as the more influentials personalities in the country.

The first survey Cadem-Que Pasa covers political authorities, entrepreneurs, academics, journalists, members of justice and many figures considered as “powerful” in our country.

In the legislative, the minister and general secretary of the presidency, Nicolás Eyzaguirre, concentrated the mentions with 26.8%, followed by the Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés with 23.9%.

Between the congress figures, it was pointed out to Guido Girardi as the political who has the highest evaluation of power with 21.1%, followed by his counterpart Isabel Allende with 13.3%

In the judicial sphere, the president of the Supreme Court, Sergio Muñoz, obtained the highest qualification with 40.2%. Sabas Chahuán is in the second place with 35.5%, followed by the prosecutor Carlos Gajardo, representing the 8.8%.

The names who are indicated as the most powerful between the entrepreneurs are Andrónico Luksic, Eliodoro Matte and Rodrigo Angelini, with 41.5%, 23.7% and 6.9%, respectively.

For last, between the potentials candidates to the next presidential race (2017) , the ones polled, pointed out to Sebastián Piñera at the head of the list with 39.4%, Marco Enríquez-Ominami with 22.7% and Ricardo Lagos with 17.2%