Chile sent a diplomatic note to Peru after the approval at the Peruvian Congress of a new district on the common border. The mentioned district contemplate the terrestrial triangle that both countries are disputing.

The Chilean position has been properly communicated by the diplomatic channels. Those notes have a reserved character. But Chile has expressed its position, stated the Chilean Chancellor to c13. This confirmed the delivery of the note.

The communication was sent after the Peruvian Congress approved to the new district named as La Yarada- Los Palos. Part of the province of Tacna at the border with Chile.

The Peruvian initative was qualified as an agression in the Chilean Congress , where it was demanded a stronger attitude from the government like calling to the Chilean ambassador at Lima.

” We expect a Chilean reaction at the level of the circunstances and a strong position in terms of, first, call to consultation to the ambassador and then, the request to the Peruvian government and Congress for the confirmation of this decision, said Francisco Chahuán, president of the Foreign Affairs commission of the Senate.

Chile and Peru affirm that the terrestrial border has been defined but they differ on its traced. Giving place to a terrestrial triangle of almost 4 hectares that both are demanding as theirs.