This month will be started the phase of civic education of the constitutional process which is going to be conclude with a plebiscite in order to ratify the proposal, and will be the future congress,the elected on 2017, who would decide the proper mechanism between 4 proposals.

The deadline to complete the reform of the Constitution is one of the main questionings made by Sebastián Soto, professor of the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University, who sustained that no other country have taken that long on the implementation of the reform, this, considering that Chile will finish on 2018.

While the academician and also member of the initiative “Marca AC”, Jaime Bassa, affirmed that the main problem would be the political disagreements inside the current Congress. He explained that these differences could finish blocking the beginning of the new proposal.

It´s important to highlight that the congress should be decide between a bicameral commission, a constitutional convention, a constitutional assembly or a plebiscite.