Today has taken place the preparatory hearing for the oral trial on the “Hagan” case. We have to remember that the 22-year-old woman, Erica Hagan was found as dead, on September 6th of the last year, inside the department in which she was living at the Baptist School of Temuco.

The psychologist came to Chile as member of a student exchange program between that school and the Georgetown University.

On this instance, the defense of the only implicated, denounced some incidents related with the investigation, like the negative of the Fiscally of High Complexity in charge of the case to provide to the defense the original of an international requirement sent to the FBI, which apparently not only contained the declaration of the victim´s friend, but also a special inquiring to Hagan’s cellphone. On that point, Romero insisted on the thesis of possible threat’s evidence that could be registered on the victim’s Iphone.

The prosecutor, Miguel Ángel Velásquez, chief of the Fiscally of High Complexity, valued the beginning of the preparatory hearing for the oral trial on this cause, and underlined that the most part of the incidents promoted by the defense were dismissed.