After the meeting with the minister Carolina Rivas, Matute’s family expressed their hope on a soon clarification on the death of Jorge, who died 16 years ago. As well as to analyze the summary progress, they defined the interment of the body on the encounter.

It was almost 2 hours and a half of conversation on the Appealing’s Court of Concepción. The reunion was solicited by Maria Teresa Johns and Alex Matute, the mother and sibling of the victim. After it was known that the man died due to the intoxication with barbituric acid.

Once the meeting has been finished, Alex Matute expressed his confidence on the work did by minister Carola Rivas and on the next steps she is going to take to determinate the responsible on the disappearance and death of his brother.

According with the family’s lawyer, David Vargas, the participation of others on the kidnapping and death of the student are accredited.

Besides the requirement of more antecedents in order to allow his death cause elucidation, the family studied with the minister the new body’s interment after the expert’s reports will concluded.

Maria Teresa Johns pointed out that his son’s funeral could have place in October.