After an exhaustive investigation the human intervention was discarded on the death of 15 Sei whales which were found last May in Puerto Aysén.

The conclusion was confirmed by the Puerto Aysén’s fiscally, after it has solicited to the Guarantee Tribunal the dismissal with prejudice of the investigation, ordered to determinate the cause of death of the whales. Which were found in many channels into the Golfo de Penas and Puerto Edén.

The prosecutor, Pedro Poblete, specialist on environmental crimes, explained that after the enquiry they concluded the incident doesn´t constitute a crime.

“The investigation was derived to the PDI. Hence, we gathered a multidisciplinary team in which Sernapesca took part of. And in like manner, the Chilean Navy, and scientist from diverse staffs dedicate to marine biology and oceanographic studies. All of them were on the incident zone in order to analyzed tissue and to make the proper samples’ removal for the toxicological test”, Poblete stated.

The prosecutor reported that the scientist discovered the presence of a bio- toxin on the plankton. Over the pelagic zone where the diseases have happened. Appealing that it was the cause due to this toxin contaminated the cetacean’s food chain.