This Thursday, the regional attorney from the Araucanía, Cristián Paredes, was designated as the temporary attorney on Caval’s case.

According to the information provided by the Judicial Power, Luis Toledo solicited the reassignment while the election process of a new National Prosecutor is in progress. He is Certainly applying to this position.

It is important to remember that last Monday, the lawyer Mario Zumelzu, representative of Diego Acevedo, presented to the O´Higgins’s Prosecutor Office a request form to disqualify Toledo from the Caval case for being a candidate for the National Prosecutor charge.

Zumelzu explained, If Toledo becomes one of the five final candidates to replace Chahuán, it would be the president the one giving the candidates list to the senator’s scrutiny.

The last statement was catalogued as inappropriate for the lawyer, because the O’Higgins ‘attorney is investigating the possible crimes on the buying and selling of lands in Machalí, where the president’s son, Sebastián Dávalos and his wife Natalia Compagnon, participated.

This Thursday the National Prosecutor, Sabas Chahuán, denied the request because it does not configure the legal causalities for a disqualification. In the other hand, respecting the request of Toledo, the investigation was re-assigned to the Araucania’s Attorney.