The Spokesman of the government, Marcelo Diaz, talked this Wednesday about the rumors circulating in an unofficial manner the last days and which questioned the president Michelle Bachelet’s health.

The State Secretary has tackled superficially the gossip issue, after Minister Nicolás Eyzaguirre and the Nueva Mayoria´s spokesman, Alejandro Navarro senator, have assured the president has a good health status and also stated the questionings are unfounded.

About the situation, Diaz said “I’m not going to talk about rumors and I’m not going to take charge on conclusions that, in my opinion, are coming from some fevered minds”.

Perhaps, he does not denied to publicize President Bachelet´s health file to silence rumors, despite that this possibility does not belong to the Institutional culture.

“It is not part of our institutional culture, it never has been done, but it cannot be rejected because nothing is definitive. But, why do we have to react to the rumors taking measures about it. Really I asked myself if the Chileans are worry about it. They are worried about the “portonazos”, they are worried about in health we can do things good, of we can have a good labor reform”, he stated.

In addition he emphasized that “we have to work over the base of the compromises we have done with the Chileans (…) Let imagine if we do from our day schedule a worry- and forgive me because of this colloquial expression- about the “cahuines” (rumors) which appears on the communication networks, which are lunched in a very cowardly manner by those who don’t take any charge about their opinions”.

“Others can take on the “cahuines”, we are dedicated to govern (…) those are rumors which are trying to intoxicate the political discussion environment”, Diaz added.

Meanwhile, Ministry Burgos had also talked about the situation, sustaining that to put in doubt the President of the Republic institutionally it’s something that has never been seeing before and called to take care of the democracy.