The Copper´s Workers Confederation (CTC), requested Congress’ intervention on the crisis related to Codelco, and in particular, the contractor companies. The president of the Miner Commission of the Low Chamber, Luis Lemus, supports the workers’ idea and asked the Government to take part in the dialogue process.

Manuel Ahumada, CTC president, asked the Legislative Power, especially the Miner Commission of the Low Chamber, to intercede between them (CTC) and Codelco.

The leader denounced the company for not submitting to the State policies but rather of being loyal to the miner council.
Even so, the president of the Gremial Companies Association for Mining and Associated Items (AGEMA), Cristián Vizcaya, explained that his organization is neither refusing to have a dialogue in Parliament nor to review the “Marco” agreement point by point.

According to the CTC president, Luis Lemus, Codelco is making a mistake by not negotiating with the workers. In addition, he has manifested his concern over the possibility that the company might not bring the Copper profit excesses to the State. For this reason, he lamented that Congress was not invited to participate in the meeting between the stockholders board and the Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés.