Congress has cancelled almost all of its activities for this Wednesday afternoon in order to participate in the Independence Day celebrations.

As a result, operations of the Chamber of Deputies, which should have been summoned this afternoon, have been suspended. One of the topics up for review was the Constitution and Human Rights.

The only exception will be the finance commission, which will have its extraordinary meeting this morning, and as a parallel to the room session, it is also expected to hold a discussion regarding the “Carrera Docente” law project.
The Senate has also cancelled their commissions, but they will be working on Room. According to the High Chamber´s communication staff, there could be a session at 16.00. However, the official board that sets the appointment has been not published.

For the Chamber, the September 17th work day is reserved for “other parliamentary activities.” Each week on Fridays, the deputies schedule “other parliamentary activities,” but in this case, the meeting will occur on Thursday, as September 18th is an inalienable holiday for the whole country.

Upon returning from “Fiestas Patrias,” the chamber has a district week programmed, which has always been executed during the last week of every month. Parliamentarians do not come to the Congress building in Valparaíso during that week because they stay in their representative zones to do local work. As a result, the regular sessions and commissions will resume on September 29th.