When the mystery about Kurt Martinson location has come to be more than ten months, the discovery of bones could be crucial to direct the investigation and determine what happened to the 35-year-old tour guide last November 24th, of 2014 in San Pedro de Atacama.

The analysis of what could be a piece of human skull, was performed by the Forensic expert Francisco Pulgar who, according to T13, is doing an investigation that was directly requested by the Martinson Garcia family six months ago.

The expert sent the fragment of 5.5 cm per 6 cm. to be analyzed by two doctors who also estimated that the piece discovered could be human, as a result, the remains were transferred to the public attorney’s office to demand new reports, those are still pending.

Pulgar told T13, that the skull contains the distinctive creases of a human skull and also, four incisive marks, but its origin is still not clear.

On the footage of the discovery, recorded last September 11th at 1,500 meters from the point where Martinson disappeared, the expert manipulates the fragment and says that he plans to send it to more experts to be furtherly analyzed so its origin can be determined. “I am not 100% clear if it is a skull fragment, but I am going to get it and then I will take it to a specialist for its required analysis”, Pulgar stated on the Video.

The homicide theory is what at the moment guides the family, according to Ana María García, Kurt Martinson’s mother.