A month is the time that Carlos Gallardo Ramirez has been missing. The 24-year-old student of the Universidad Del Desarrollo of Concepcion was making an internship in Spain and finishing his first semester.

August 12th, was the last time relatives and friends have contacted him. To the date there are no signs of him so far.

His friends have rejected the hypothesis that the disappearance has occurred because of health problems. According to them, Carlos is healthy, organized and calm.

The student must have returned to Chile the past sept. 3th. But that never happened. Relatives and friends lost contact with him since August 12th, last time he was “seeing” on the social networks.

The Case was denounced on the PDI (Police of Investigation) by his family as unfortunately alleged in order to find him.

Close people have beginning a campaign to gather information about Carlos and find him: “#letsfindcarlos”.

If you have any information about Carlos Gallardo Ramirez location, please contact: encontremosacarlos@gmail.com and through facebook and twitter as: #letsfindcarlos