Due the crimes of stealing national property of public use, infraction to weapons control law and receiving stolen property, were formalized two subjects involved in the robbery which affected President Michelle Bachelet Guard team.

The incident took place last Wednesday September 2th, in Lampa. The tribunal had decreed preventive prison against the accused, while the Central-North Public Prosecutor Office it is working in order to identify the others who participate of the illicit.

According with the inquiring, the accused were returning to their residence early morning from a party, stopping by the gas station. In the place they moved closer to the van which had two bags inside, they broke a window, extracted the bags and escaped.

Obviously they did not thought they were stealing from the elite police group. And neither knew that inside the bags were weapons, radio equipment and policies badges.

The previous it is part of the story of what happened last Wednesday on the 27 km. of the North 5 route and which had affected the presidential Guard when they stopped along the way by this gas station in order to have breakfast towards an activity with the president.

The Policies´ diligences had derived in the detention of the presumed material author of the robbery and of whom resell for $1.200.000 pesos the weapons after he knew those belongs to the Police. The under prefect of the Investigation Police, Hugo Perez, assured they have detained who were involved in the crime through the security cameras, witnesses and others reserved information.

On the operation the policies badges and the two radios were recovered, but not the weapons. From the Police was explained that there are diligences on progress with the purpose of find those weapons. The OS-9 major, Marcos Jiménez, stated that the administrative summary is still in course.

It was a long formalization against the two accused in which the Central-North Prosecutor Office had presented in detail, what happened that morning and the participation of the two men under arrest.

In the case of the presumed author of the illicit, he was accused because of the crimes of stealing of national property of public use, the receiving of stolen property, informal use of license plate and infraction to the weapons law. While the second involved was accused for illegal buying and selling of weapons.

The Tribunal had decreed preventive prison and the prosecutor, Nancy González, had guaranteed the identification of the others who got involved.

The tribunal also decreed 120 days of investigation, period in which the policies will be working in order to find the others to people, the second material author of the robbery and other receptor of the stolen goods.