¿Gemelas? Cosplayer de La Mujer Maravilla impacta por su enorme parecido a Gal Gadot
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El mundo de los cosplay es enorme, pero hay algunos exponentes tan dedicados que logran llevar sus trajes y maquillajes a otro nivel.

Este es el caso de Alyson Tabbitha, una cosplayer capaz de transformarse en cualquier superheroína de acción.

Aunque la mayoría de sus trajes son dignos de admiración, fue su vestuario de La Mujer Maravilla, que la ha hecho destacar en el mundo.

Es tal el nivel de producción que consiguió Tabbitha, que el resultado final la dejó luciendo igual al personaje de Gal Gadot, de hecho, algunos incluso consideran que es la “gemela perdida” de la actriz.

Y es que el maquillaje (hecho por ella) consiguió que la joven lograra copiar las facciones de la Gadot a la perfección.

Sólo en Instagram, la foto ha alcanzado más de 420 mil likes y cientos de comentarios felicitándola por su trabajo. “Hice una prueba de maquillaje de #WonderWoman, que se convirtió en un ensayo general, que resultó en esto. Todo el traje, maquillaje y peinado fue hecho por mi. El traje aún no está terminado, pues aún me falta los cinturones, los cordones y otras cosas”, escribió.

I did a #WonderWoman makeup test, that turned into a full dress rehearsal that resulted in this!! 💖 . Full costume, makeup & hair done by me! ( @AlysonTabbitha ) 🙂 . The costume isn't finished yet, since I still need to make the belts, shoes lasso , and props! But I was so exited I couldn't resist trying it on! lol . I made the armor out of craft foam and poster board, & the base of the breastplate was made out of @TreeFlx ! I definitely leared a lot of new skills while making this! . Once I saw the Wonder Woman movie I stopped all other projects to prioritize this cause I was so inspired! lol . (Shout out to my @pugliepug phone sicker 👌) . #wonderwomancostume #wonderwomancosplay #galgadot #galgadotcosplay #justiceleaguecosplay #justiceleague #cosplayer #cosplaytransformation #cosplaymakeup #ww #wwcosplay #makeuptransformation #beforeandafter #bathroomselfie #beforeamdaftercosplay #inandoutcosplay

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Pero esta joven oriunda de Florida (Estados Unidos) no sólo ha logrado perfeccionar el traje de La Mujer Maravilla, sino que también otros de cintas como Fifth Element, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, y más.

Mira aquí parte de su trabajo

Hhhh… H… How do I do this? I don't know how to say hello to a girl! . . "Victim" by @hope_soapamine_cosplay (she's so talented and charming, I had so much fun working with her and she was such a good sport! xD ) . I don't know how @davidlovephotog always manages to get such amazing images during these shoots between all the silliness! By far one of the funnest shoots, and my favorite behind the scenes video! You can see the full video on his YT channel! " Interview with the vampire Shoot " . @ David Love Photography . . #InterviewwiththeVampire #interviewwiththevampirecosplay #iwtv #iwtvcosplay #lestatdelioncourt #lestatdelioncourtcosplay #Lestat #Lestatcosplay #vampire #vampirecosplay #bts #behindthescenes #btsvideo #cosplayvideo

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#TalonWidowmaker: @AlysonTabbitha (Full costume by me) . #Zenyatta By: @nipahcos Photo by: @amaitofuu . AVAILABLE AS PRINT! (Link in bio) . I really loved going to @akon_convention and meeting so many amazing people! . . I will definitely, be slowing down on the cons I attend as a guest from this point on. Going to cons back to back, is exhausting. . When you meet me, and I hug you, and say I live off your hugs, it's honestly cause I do. I would not have been able to travel around, and go to so many events, if you guys weren't there, with your love and excitement. I absorb it, and it fuels me. So thank you ❤ . .#widowmakertalon #talonwidowmakercosplay #widowmakercosplay #widowmaker #zenyatta #zenyattacosplay #cosplay #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #blizzardcosplay #blizzardgames @playoverwatch #akon2017 #projectakon2017

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#FemaleTitan Cosplay before and after transformation! 👊 now I just need to figure out how to become 14 meters tall lol 🤔😆 Full costume / makeup / wig by me! @AlysonTabbitha Currently working on editing this tutorial! . I made a bodysuit with a dance leotard and leggings and sewed them together, padded it to add more muscle mass & shape, then painted it with cheap 1$ acrylic paint from walmart! I also painted white gloves & toe socks ( tho you can't see in this pic) ! & Omg the 2nd season of #AttackonTitan was SO GOOD! Missed seeing my titan girl but I can't wait until the 3rd comes out in 2018!! 😮 . . #aot #aotcosplay #femaletitancosplay #beforeandafter #beforeandaftercosplay #inandoutofcosplay #cosplay #cosplaytransformation #makeuptransformation #titancosplay #titanannie #titananniecosplay

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