Joann van den Herik: la curvilínea prima de Gigi y Bella Hadid que se estrena como modelo
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No caben dudas que, en poco tiempo, las hermanas Gigi y Bella Hadid se convirtieron en iconos de la moda. Sin embargo, su familia aún tenía un “as bajo la manga”.

Se trata de Joann van den Herik, prima de las modelos, quien con 19 años se convirtió en el rostro de la nueva colección de la firma de ropa interior de lujo Debenhams, Gorgeous DD+.

La joven oriunda de los Países Bajos e hija del hermano de Yolanda Hadid (madre de las modelos), firmó un contrato con la agencia de modelos UK Model Management hace un par de meses y hoy se lanzó oficialmente como modelo.

Con una elegante pieza de lencería blanca, Joann aparece en la campaña de la marca inglesa, en una imagen que en la que ella misma asegura que sus curvas no han sido retocadas.

“Siempre he querido ser modelo pero no me había dado cuenta de que había un mercado para mi complexión y talla”, dijo en entrevista con el portal británico DailyMail.

“Creo que es muy importante mostrarle a todos los hombres y mujeres que la talla no importa y que eres perfecto tal como eres”, expresa la joven quien trabaja para la categoría de “talla grande”.

Y añade: “He trasladado eso a mi trabajo como modelo y a mis redes sociales. Soy una fuerte creyente de que debes ser positivo con tu cuerpo y que cada cuerpo es hermoso”.

Esta confianza en sí misma le ha traído a Joann miles de seguidores en redes sociales, quienes celebran su forma de pensar y expresar su belleza corporal, e interior.

Revisa aquí algunas fotos de la modelo:

‼️THIS IS REALITY‼️ Yep, this is how I look like when I’m sick. No pants, no showing my good sides, no makeup. I want to show you all that even people with many followers can look and feel like sh*t. People on Instagram aren’t perfect. You’re not alone. I’ve been sick for 3 days now, I’ve felt unhappy, uncomfortable and insecure. I def not look my best right now and that just makes me wanna avoid the mirror. I just want to lay in bed feeling ugly and sorry for myself. But I know that’s not a solution. Instead of doing that, I’m showing you all: my biggest insecurities. I’ve talked about it a couple of times, but my belly rolls and my legs are my biggest insecurities and I feel like showing them makes me beat my insecurities and learn to love them instead. The second picture is my bare face, without washing it or even combing my hair/eyebrows, I think there are still too many people who are afraid to go outside like this. You should all realize that you’re already beautiful, make-up just lightens up the best parts of your face. It doesn’t make you more beautiful. Because you already BEAUTIFUL AF. I know it’s hard. It’s hard showing your insecurities. It’s hard realizing you’re beautiful when you feel like you’re not worthy of anything. I’m lucky I’m confident enough to do it now, but I’ve not always been this confident. It’s a tough road. But realize a few things: if your future daugther or son had your body, or even your best friend, your sister, your brother, would you tell them to hate it? Would you tell them they’re ugly? That they should lose weight? That they can’t wear whatever they want? That they aren’t worthy of love? No. You would tell them that their size does NOT define them. So don’t treat yourself differently. #BeautyBeyondSize #BodyPositive

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All my life I've been focused on my weight. "Fat" is used so often with women. I grew up thinking "fat" is the worst thing you could be called by someone. I thought "fat" was an insult. But calling someone fat, says more about the person who said it, than about yourself. You see, I HAVE fat, I'm not fat. Fat does not define me. I know what I eat, how much I exercise. I know that I'm a lot more than just my appearances. Sometimes I take flattering photos with make-up on (on the left) and sometimes I'm just not feeling posing and HATE make-up (on the right). Both is okay. Both bodies are OKAY. Most people would say picture two is an unflattering photo. But I love it. I love that you can see my imperfections, my fatrolls, my imperfect skin, my cellulite. Those are all my insecurities in one single picture. This is a big step for me because I'm still insecure and not 100% confident, but I want to show you guys that even people with many followers aren't perfect. I used to HATE every inch of my body. That mindset not only made me grumpy towards myself, but towards every one around me. It made me envious towards other women. I'm happy I realised that my body is great and that "perfect" doesn't exist. With this picture, I wanted to show every boy and girl out there, that YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. Your body is gorgeous, your body is unique, your body is yours. You can have fatrolls. You can have pimples. You can have stretchmarks. You can have everything you want. You can be whatever you want. Our stories and experiences make us who we are and that's the most amazing thing. Take that with you and embrace your body, embrace those curves! Make your insecurities your own, turn them into something positive, make them YOU! Don't hate your body until you lose weight or get the perfect body at the gym, do it the whole way, do it NOW! Loving yourself is greatest achievement of all ❤️ #LoveYourself #LoveYourBody #BodyPositive

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AND YES I HAVE A PIMPLE IM HUMAN AND I LOVE IT 😜 It's such a beautiful day today and it made me realize I'm so happy and thankful to be alive. And that's a reason to make others happy too ❤️ This is for all the girls and boys out there who feel insecure about their bodies: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WONDERFUL, YOU ARE UNIQUE, YOU'RE AMAZING, YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH. I know what you're going through and I know that my words aren't enough, but I want to show you guys how to overcome your fears of showing your body and your insecurities. You know what I used to do to hide my fatrolls? I kept standing all day eventhough I was super tired so people wouldn't see I had fatrolls when I sat. I used to wear a pants when swimming because I didn't want people to see my legs. I used to not eat all day when I was with other people. THIS ISN'T RIGHT. And I know a lot of girls and boys do this too and only because you're afraid people will judge you. Well, believe me, they will always judge you, so just do you. 💪🏼 It's so hard to realize that you're beautiful when your head is telling you you're not. You see all those images of thin people and you look nothing like that so you start to hate your body. But your worth is not measured by the size of your waist or the size of your abs!!! It's okay to have curves, it's okay to have cellulite, it's okay to have fatrolls, it's okay to have no abs. And it's okay to have insecurities but don't let them control you. Don't let those insecurities stop you from doing or wearing things that you love. I let my insecurities control my life and it made me unhappy, negative and angry to all the people in my life. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN! Challenge yourself to replace those negative thoughts with something positive, stop comparing yourself to others, you're YOU and that's what makes you unique and beautiful. Treat your body with respect, love and kindness, and try to lift other people up with positive words. You can do this. And if anyone ever needs help overcoming their insecurities, just send me a message. Happiness isn't size specific, remember that ❤️ #LoveYourBody #EmbraceYourCurves #YoureBEAUTIFUL #MyJourney

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CELEBRATE THOSE FATROLLS! I know it's hard to look in the mirror and love the curvier parts of your body, but if you think about, it's just crazy. Who decided that curves aren't beautiful? Who decided you can't loveeeee your stretchmarks, fatrolls and big legs? SO I'LL MAKE MY OWN DECISION!!! I'm gonna try and compliment myself on each part of my body ever day, you all should try it. Fatrolls? More like protecting skin. Big ass? More like shaking booty 💃🏼 Too much fat on your legs? More like a mermaidtail! Stretchmarks? TIGERSTRIPES!!! When you feel good, healthy and happy, why does it matter what other people think or look like? The only person who can make you love your body is YOU. So try and see things positive instead of negative, it makes a big difference already. A person is most beautiful when they fully accept and love themselves ❤️🦋 #LoveYourBody #EmbraceYourCurves #MyJourney 📸 by @rachelkeijzerphotography

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