#ImNoAngel: el desafío que invita a las mujeres de talla XL a sentirse bellas y sensuales
Publicado por: Scarlet Stuardo
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La marca de ropa plus size Lane Bryant siempre ha celebrado la diversidad corporal de las mujeres. Es así como se ha encargado de crear ropa para “todo tipo de cuerpos”, en diferentes tallas que permiten a cualquiera sentirse bella y cómoda.

En esta oportunidad, Lane Bryant decidió revivir un antiguo desafío de 2015 llamado #ImNoAngel, el que consiste en que las mujeres de talla grande compartan una foto de ellas en redes usando el hashtag.

“Im no angel” (no soy un ángel) se refiere a los “Ángeles” de Victoria’s Secret, las que suelen ser modelos muy delgadas y que imponen estereotipos que no se ajustan a todas las féminas.

El objetivo de esta campaña es impulsar la idea entre las jóvenes que el cuerpo es bello y sensual, independiente de la talla que éste tenga.

En pocos segundos, las usuarias de Instagram no tardaron en unirse a la campaña, mostrando sus mejores imágenes y actitud detrás del hashtag.

Revisa aquí algunas imágenes:

Look at the way your skin and body folds over itself can be weirdly cathartic. I never thought or believed I could be okay and happy with my body, let alone grateful. Grateful about something you hate? How can that exist? How do you get to be grateful for pain when it can inhibit you of doing so much? Because I choose to find light. Because I choose to be happy about the smallest things. Because I choose to recognize pain doesn’t last. Because I choose to be myself over being anyone else. Because I choose love even through hate. Because I choose this path. And I know the path sucks sometimes (or all the time let’s get real) but I know being on the path is better than not being on the path. Be on your path, it’s okay to feel the bad stuff and it’s also just as okay to look for the light when you can. Today I am happy 💓 (Inspired by my old soul bestie @positively.kate ✨) #loveyourself #begrateful #bethankful #knowthyself

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Why aren't there any "curvy" models on local adult magazines for men? Even magazines catering to women mostly feature the usual subjects: photoshoots of skinny celebrities presented with sexual undertones; articles that are dedicated to dressing for your "unflattering" shape that is not the norm of the fashion models. Does that sound empowering? I don't think so. Curvy/ plus-size/ someone on the heavy side… in short.. FAT – Why do we even need these labels? A woman can be healthy AND sexy at a range of sizes. After all, we can all agree that it comes down to focusing on the most important thing. HEALTH. That said, why can't we feature all body-types in these magazines? After all, glamour isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept and there are more "normal" women than professional models. All my life, I have been told I have a pretty face because people describe my body as other than beautiful. I've been shamed, ridiculued, asked about diets, exercise routines or if "I'm doing anything to change" this figure and be my "best". I have love handles. I have stretch marks. I've had cellulite since I was 12 years old. I have spent most my life hating my my naked body. BUT this is who I am. I own it. All of it. And it's about effing time I learn to LOVE MY BODY. For plus-size women like us, people are always amazed how we get our confidence as if it's so shocking that women other than petite could feel good about themselves. Society has always told us how and what we should feel about ourselves. But it's nearly the end of 2017, who says "FAT" can't be sexy? "FAT" CAN'T be on centerfold? FAT IS SEXY. Fat can be confident too! …so I dare you to do the same: be your kind of sexy. Your own kind of beautiful. After all, nobody is perfect. We are no angels. I AM NO ANGEL. I am Margarita Joyce Hassan of Fat Barbie PH . Humor me while I try to shatter your SEXY stereotypes. #ImNoAngel #FatBarbiePH #FHMPlusSize #Plussize #effyoursexystandards #FATforFHM #LaneBryant Make-Up/ Styling and Photography by Regene Ong

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