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A Chilean Atari fan managed to successfully complete an interesting project: to connect one of these video game consoles to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

In 2015, Juan Neculpan shared a tutorial on the gaming forum Retrogames, about how to accomplish this with a Bluetooth HC-06 unit in a computer.

Neculpan decided to carry out the process with the help of the SIO2BT app, created by Marcin “The Montezuma” Sochacki, from Poland.

In the following video (in Spanish), you can see how the console loads and displays the iconic Montezuma 1 game from his smartphone.

“I did this during the Winter of 2015 and I posted the tutorial a month later”, said.

Those interested in setting up the Atari-Bluetooth can contact Juan, though he clarifies that he does not consider this to be a business opportunity, but simply a way to help those who share his Atari fondness.

“It never ceases to amaze me that an 80’s device can communicate with a current one”, declared.

Juan, 42, pointed out that he studied Programming for a year, program from which he had to drop out due to financial issues. “I never resumed it. At that time, they did not even teach us Windows, but DOS instead”.

“Firstly, I did it for me, and hitherto it is for my personal enjoyment. Obviosuly, if anyone wants it, I am not selfish and I can help them”, claimed.

“It is important to clarify that the creator is the guy from Poland. What I do want to say is that I was the first to put it into practise in the west. I think I might even be the first in America. In fact, if you search in foreign websites, nobody sells it, it is not something that is in the market”, added.

In this way, Juan stated that, with this job, he has been able to become aware of a paradox. “There are many people who, I know, would love to have this, but they belong to a previous generation. So, when you tell them about Bluetooth, smartphones and Atari, they either do not believe it or they find it difficult to use”, admitted.

Archivo | Frédéric BISSON (CC) Flickr
Archivo | Frédéric BISSON (CC) Flickr

“But, in all seriousness, it is very simple, very simple to use. You activate an app, you connect it, and then you choose the game and it loads”.

Regarding his expectations, he hopes that those who enjoy these iconic consoles can achieve the connection between the console and the mobile device.

Those who want to have their Atari-Bluetooth can contact Juan Neculpan via his email address,