Faced with a shortage of face masks amid the rapid spread of Covid-19, nurses had to sew their own at La Higueras Hospital in Talcahuano, one of the largest health facilities in the south of Chile.

A video of at least 12 people working on it went viral this Friday. The woman who records it affirms the Ministry of Health, led by Jaime Mañalich, announced that no extra materials were to be given any time soon.

“That is why the girls brought their things to start making masks to look after both the medical professionals as well as the patients”, she added.

“If the team is not healthy, how are we going to assist the patients in the following weeks?”, she inquired.

“Let’s hope Mr Mañalich and all the people in Government can fulfill this, we do not have supplies to look after the needs of the population”, she finished.

The Talcahuano Health Service said to BioBioChile that the ministry is aware of the lack of materials and that the makeshift protective gear “complies with the required standards”.

They also said that they would issue an official response about this situation, but we are still waiting for it.

On Wednesday, Chile president Sebastián Piñera declared State of Catastrophe for 90 days in a effort to contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

This Friday, the Executive confirmed 432 cases of Covid-19, with 17 people admitted to hospital and seven in serious condition.