An explosive device detonated this Thursday at 12:45 inside the 54th Huechuraba Police Station in Santiago, leaving 8 officers wounded.

They were identified as Manuel Guzmán Hernández -the highest ranking in the group, who is reported to be in serious condition-, Camila Chaparro Salas, Hugo Chamorro Pinto, Erika Bravo Aravena, José Aguayo Montiel, José González Parra, Estefanía Contreras Parra and Valeria Alvarado Marín.

The case is being investigated as a terrorist attack by regional prosecutor Héctor Barros, who visited the place to lead the police work.

The mayor of Huechuraba, Carlos Cuadrado, reported that three offices were damaged because of the explosion. Windows were also smashed by the blast.

Initial reports pointed towards theories regarding an air conditioning unit, which were discarded by governor Karla Rubilar.

President Sebastián Piñera visited the wounded officers and confirmed that a second package was sent from the same address to Rodrigo Hinzpeter, former home secretary during his first administration.

The head of State affirmed that authorities have identified the alleged sender’s name, address and phone and that their arrest could be on the way.

The 46-year-old woman who delivered the device at the police station was arrested by the Uniformed Armed Police and Piñera detailed that she is a Postal Service worker, whose task entailed delivering a parcel.