Reggaeton musicians Anuel AA and Karol G’s hotel rooms were burglared Monday night while they were performing in Santiago’s Movistar Arena.

After the show, when they arrived to the InterContinental Hotel in the borough of Las Condes, the artists realised that the three rooms they had booked were missing several elements.

An unidentified number of burglars took US$2,300 in cash, jewellery and suitcases. The loss was valued at around US$290,000.

The police affirmed that the thieves were most likely informed about their possessions, given that they managed to evade security measures, went straight to the rooms and left without leaving a trace.

According to captain Pablo Ortíz, the burglars entered the hotel at around 8pm. The Police of Investigations checked CCTV footage, the Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed.