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Luxury bishop who wants to divorce and remarry wreaks havoc in Chile’s Methodist Pentecostal Church
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Until Monday, Eduardo Dur√°n was a bishop at Chile’s Methodist Pentecostal Church.

Nevertheless, his wishes to divorce his wife of almost 40 years, marry his current partner and his alleged wealth of US$1.5 million resulted in his expulsion from the institution.

Regarding the nuptials, he admitted during a speech that he is tired of cooking and ironing his clothes on his own.

Dur√°n has also been under fierce scrutiny after he revealed he has almost US$200.000 in a bank account “only for emergencies” and that he just needs between US$4.500 and US$6.000 to live every month, in a country where the minimum wage just reached US$453 last March.

Mauricio Méndez | Agencia UNO
Mauricio Méndez | Agencia UNO

His income comes exclusively from tithing, which Dur√°n himself estimated to reach a total of US$45.000 on a monthly basis.

The former bishop is also known to have a passion for expensive cars. His last purchase, a Mercedes, is worth US$120.000, which he drives to “dignify” the church.

He has also been critised for buying his current wife an apartment at over US$100.000, sharing thousands of dollars with some of his relatives -one of them was his son Eduardo, who has a seat in Congress-, and giving over half the money needed to buy a country house for the church.

Hans Scott | Agencia UNO
Hans Scott | Agencia UNO

As his contribution surpassed that of the church, the elders decided to register the property under his name. It cost a whopping US$540.000.

But Dur√°n has faced detractors for some time. In 2012, during an official gathering, the higher echelons of the church decided to expell him due to the controversies that already surrounded him.

After that, he founded a variation of the church, the First Methodist Pentecostal Church, through which he stayed in the former and maintained his position.

At the moment, the Public Prosecutor’s Office conducts a investigation against him for money laundering.

Leonardo Rubilar Chandía | Agencia UNO
Leonardo Rubilar Chandía | Agencia UNO
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