Once a year, every Chilean President addresses both the nation and Congress through a live broadcast.

In the speech, it is customary to make a summary of the initiatives and plans previously executed by the Government and to set the agenda for the year ahead.

On Saturday 1 June, Sebastián Piñera is scheduled to travel to Valparaíso, 115 kilometers west of Santiago, to fulfill his yearly duty, occasion that could look very similar to The US State of the Union Address.

Mr Piñera, a conservative businessman, has asked Congress to change the time of his speech from morning hours to 20:30, local TV prime-time, so as to make the event “more accesible” to the public.

The government spokesperson, Cecilia Pérez, and the secretary general of the Presidency, Gonzalo Blumel, confirmed that they met on Wednesday with the president of the Senate, Jaime Quintana, to inform Mr Piñera’s wishes.

Mr Quintana assured he would discuss the petition with the corresponding committees.

The proposal found support in the House, with some Chile Vamos members (right-wing) willing to accept the changes.

The speech is considered to be a State event: presidents sleep at Cerro Castillo, one of their private residences located in touristic Viña del Mar, gather with their cabinet for an official photograph and leave for Congress on a Ford Galaxy given by Queen Elizabeth II in 1968.

Members of the Armed Forces and the Uniformed Armed Police line the streets on the way to Congress and thousands of supporters -and detractors- are allowed to watch the procession behind barricade fences.