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Hackers leak credit card information of over 14 thousand people in Chile
Publicado por: Emilio Lara

A group of hackers leaked on Twitter the credit card information of over 14 thousand people who are clients of approximately 12 Chilean banks.

The document was shared by TheShadowBrokers and even though it was stated that the data mainly belonged to Banco de Chile clients, it was later revealed that BancoEstado, BCI, Santander, Scotiabank and Falabella clients, among those from other banks, also appeared on the list.

Specifically, the group posted account numbers, followed by the cards’ expiration dates as well as their Card Security Code, otherwise known as CVV.

Nevertheless, according to the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, most of the accounts are no longer active. However, it did consider that around 10% of them were allegedly in danger.

“The Superintendency has contacted the affected entities, which have been instructed to take all the measures to safeguard clients and to clearly and swiftly get in touch with them to carry out all the necessary actions so as to clarify the origin of this incident”, the organism said in a statement.

Most banks contacted over the phone those clients who could possibly be affected by this leak, blocking their cards immediately.

If your name is on the list and you still have not received official information from your bank, the safest step to take is to block your card.

The hackers’ Twitter handle has several messages against an unidentified government. “Your government pays to spy, your government is targeted, you pay. The attack is our signature. We do not forgive. Freedom to: -dreex1 -B00du13 -Mr.H -TESTnull”, reads a tweet posted on 11 July.

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