Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz, stated that Chile is not going to accept threats by the Bolivian Government. This after the president Evo Morales announced the submission of a new suit against our country, due to using the waters of the Silala river.

According to Morales, Chile is using the Silala’s waters, ilegally. This way, the head of State, has commanded the studying of the juridical options to “defend our waters before the competent international instances”.

“Chile has always been in favor of the dialogue, and the diplomatic conversations. There are many examples about that”, the Chilean Chancellor stated.

“I want to clear up that in this stage of the trial, the sovereignty of our country isn’t implicated. Chile will not accept a territorial cession, this should be very clear. And our neighbors should know that despite the fact that we want dialogue, we do want the integration, but not the cession of sovereignty”.

The calling to dialogue by Bolivia is false, because is accompanied by the possible submission of a new claim”, accused Muñoz.

“Chile will protect its national interests. The territorial sovereignty is not in danger, and this was established by the International Court, on its preliminary verdict”.

“The speech of Evo Morales tends to confuse”, the chancellor sustained.