The Argentine Government and the defense of the ex frontist Sergio Galvarino Apablaza, appealed to the decision of the Federal judge, Ernesto Marinelli, because he approved the arguing of the Chilean State to impugn the condition of refugee of Galvarino Apablaza. The one accused of murdering Jaime Guzman.

Both parties, have four more days to prepare its defense statements, this, after the first litigious tribunal of Buenos Aires, would have accepted the arguments of the Chilean State for appealing to the current Apablaza’s condition.

At present, the process is being reviewed by the Argentine Appealing Court, to study the arguments submitted by the parties. If the Chilean arguments are accepted , the judge, should examine the background of this matter and studying the possible impeachment of the condition of Apablaza, as a refugee.

Despite of this situation, Alberto Espinoza, the defense of Apablaza in Chile, called the Government to desist of its intervention to reopen the extradition process. To be consequent with a genuine and real policy of Human Rights.