Punta Peuco exceed its capacity, six new prisoners have entered this jail during this week
Publicado por: Daniela Wilhelm
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This week, six new retired militaries have been imprisoned in Punta Peuco. All of them have been condemned due to their participation at the operation of the “Caravana de la Muerte”, in Antofagasta, northern Chile.

According to La Tercera, on Wednesday, have been entered to this prison, the retired colonels of the Army, Sergio Carlos Arredondo González and Patricio Ferrer Ducaud, who should fulfill sentences of 15 years and 1 day of imprisonment because of the crime of murder. The major of the Army, Pablo Abelardo Martínez Latorre, who has been sentenced to 5 years for being accomplice and the colonel Abelardo Martínez Latorre, who has been sentenced to 3 years of prison, due to concealment charges.

While, Yesterday, was turn of the retired colonel of the Army, Juan Chiminelly Fullerton, who was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment because of being guilty of assassination; and the retired brigadier of the Army, Emilio De la Mahotiere Gonz√°lez, who was sentenced to 3 years and 1 day because he was accused of helping to cover up murders.

In accordance with the informations, Gendarmeria would have prepared the enclosure, because with the arrival of the 6 retired militaries, the jail of Punta Peuco, located at the Til Til commune, has exceed its capacity of 112 prisoners.

However, despite of the excess of prisoners, the Government is planning to close the penal, among April and May of 2016, because they are awaiting the verdict of the Supreme Court about the transfer of other 10 prisoners condemned because of the Colombo operation.

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