The prosecutor of the SQM case, Carmen Gloria Segura, has notified in writing 4 statements to the SII, to get its intervention in relation to possible tributary crimes of two companies linked to the Angelini Group.

According to El Mercurio, together with the notification sent by Segura to the SII director,Fernando Barraza, it was attached the copy of interrogatories applied to Marcelo Peñaloza, Marcia Peñaloza, Patricio Purcell Avendaño and María Fernanda Correa.

The four people, who have been interrogated, recognized they have invoiced to Copec and also to the Arauco’s Cellulose, without provision of not a single service.

The document dated as December of 2015, indicates the copy of the declarations were included, because it deals with information related to possible tributary crimes.

In addition, El Mercurio informed that the four people previously mentioned, have issued false tributary documents, at the request of the deceased Adolfo Zaldívar, ex senator of the DC and PRI founder.