The spokesman of the Government, Osvaldo Soto, referred about the controversy, due to the approval of public funds for the production of a documentary based on the second term of Michelle Bachelet.

Soto qualified the initiative as an historical archive, an exercise to save and keep the memory of management of a government, discarding the intention of an advertising campaign.

Regarding to the presence of the filmmaker Tatiana Gaviola in the project, who was put in charge of the project through a direct contract, Soto justified the decision saying that is about a very specific work, and her contracting is in concordance with the legislative context of the purchase law.

In relation to the costs of production, close to 40 million pesos, the spokesman sustained that the State has been strict and organized, in economic matters, being capable to create strategies for saving resources. But it does not mean that they will stop making initiatives considered as normal for governments.