The Appeals Court of Temuco declared admissible the appeal of nullity submitted by the prosecuting and the intendance on the Hagan case.

After the acquittal of Domingo Cofré, the only accused due to the murder of the American psychologist Erica Hagan, the plaintiffs requested a nullity appeal before the Court the December 30th of 2015.

This legal action that pursue among other things the nullity of the trial, was declared admissible by the Court, despite of the impermissible writ presented by Cofre’s defense.

The situation was confirmed by the lawyer of Cofré, Javier Jara, who pointed out they are in disagreement with the tribunal’s decision.

In addition, the lawyer explained that the admissibility declaration, only means that the writ fulfill with the formal requirements to be presented. And does not mean that the Court has accepted the idea of annul the trial.