The unemployment rate has decreased to 5.8%, on the October-December trimester. A falling of 2 points in comparison with the same period of 2014. This represents a better result than the one expected by the market, in accordance with the INE.

The annual reduction is explained by the increment of the employed (1.5%), that surpassed the increase of 1.3% that the workforce scored, the INE pointed out.

As well as, in the last trimester of 2015 the unemployment rate “fell as consequence of the occupied increment (0.8%), for over the rise of the Work Force (0.5%)”.

From the analysis by economic activity, it comes to the conclusion that the rise of the services, like trade, transportation and communications, have cushioned the falling of mining and other productive areas.

With close to 17 million of residents, the unemployed during the last trimester were 499.520, while the workforce reached 8.635.880 people.