The Metropolitan Prosecuting will start in January the taking of statements of the involved on the construction of the Cau Cau bridge. The investigation will cover the administrations of Public Works during the government of Michelle Bachelet and Sebastián Piñera.

Four months before the beginning of the diligences and after the recopilation of the technical records of the viaduct, the Prosecuting decided to set for January the first testimonies, and has enlarged the investigation to the Public Work administration of the ex-president Sebastián Piñera.

Exclusive information from Bio Bio Radio, said that the crime unit of the Prosecuting has reviewed all the patrimony and accounts linked with the ex general director of Public Works, Javier Osorio, the first one investigated due to the case, after the approval of an increase of $1800 million pesos to the work and his nexus with the AZVI building company has been proved.

The mayor of Valdivia, Omar Sabat, appreciated the advance of the investigation.