The minister, Leopoldo Llanos, has processed to 16 retired members of the Army as the responsibles of the crimes of qualified kidnapping and torture, against Luis Corvalán Castillo, among September and November of 1973 at the National Stadium in Santiago.

The victim and son of Luis Corvalán Lepe, general ex secretary of the Communist Party, died during his exile in Bulgary when he was 27 year old, because of complications on his health state produced by the tortures he recieved.

The retired militaries processed due to these crimes were Pedro Espinoza Bravo, Luis Sáenz de Tejeda, Francisco Herrera Latoja, Napoleón Bravo Flores, Leopoldo Moya Bruce, Raúl Jofré González, Hernán Chacón Soto, Patricio Vásquez Donoso y Francisco López Oyarzún. While Rafael González has been processed as accomplice of the crime of qualified kidnapping.

In addition the minister brought charges against Eugenio Covarrubias Valenzuela, Jaime Ortiz Jorquera, Federico Antilén Nahuel and Luis Zamorano Soto as authors of the crime of torture and were also accused of helping to cover up kidnappings.