Three elements would have been used to kill the American psychologist Erica Hagan, one of them coincides with the fire poker seized at the crime scene by the police of Temuco.

On the fifth day of trial on the Hagan case, the legist doctor Vivian Bustos Baquerizo, of The Legal Medical Service (SML) testified and told to the judges that the victims body received 23 lesions and ten of them fit up with the fire poker previously mentioned. In addition Bustos assured that the woman was punched several times in eyes and head. Hence, the violence of the impacts produced the fracture of the frontal bone and consequently the cerebral hemorrhagic damage.

The legist doctor specified that the body was left over one of the beds, which explains the blood impregnation found in the crime scene. Afterwards the victim was put in the tub of the bathroom.

In the same way, Alexis Díaz, officer of the Homicides Brigade of the Police of Investigation (PDI) also testified and referred about the inquiry diligences made after the finding of Erica Hagan’s body.