The employees of the General Direction of Civil aeronautical (DGAC) confirmed the concretation of a national strike which will be extended for two days (Thursday and Friday) as a consequence of the break-up of the conversations they have maintained for six months with the Government.

Regarding to the situation, the board of the Civil Aeronautical pointed out that because of the paralization would be affected at least 100.000 passengers, according to the information provided by El Mercurio. Thus, the DGAC informed that “the institution is making all the efforts in order to bring continuity to the dialogue and also to attend properly the passengers demands trying to mitigate the effects”.

Even though the airlines have shown being optimistic in regard to a quickly solution of the conflict, they have announced an eventuality plan for those 48 hours of strike.

For example LAN airlines through its General Manager, Gonzálo Undurraga, announced the closing of the tickets sale and he has also assured that the passengers who already have bought tickets for those two days are going to be able to reschedule their itineraries without any fines and surcharges.

On his behalf, Sky Airlines, by a press statement, explained their refund plan and the process and steps for an eventual changing on the date of the flight tickets or change of route or destination.