The prosecuting of the Maule Region has confirmed the finding of the body of the German citizen identified as Brigithe Trondle. Her rests will be rescued on the coming hours by members of the Gope of Carabineros from Talca.

The Embassy of the German Federal Republic in Santiago, through its consular attache, Kai Ahlerf, indicated they were informed about the situation and assured they are acting according with the established protocol.

The early morning of this Tuesday, the labors of searching were resumed at the ” Mala Cara” area, at the Radal Siete Tazas National Park.

Emergency groups coming from Molina and Talca moved to the zone and pointed out that the 54-year old woman was hiking with her husband when the accident happened.

The area, known as El Bolsón, is a very visited tourist destination in the Maule Region, located at the Río Claro’s valley.