The Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos, arrived to La Araucanía this Thursday morning, in order to lead the Policial Committee. The authority is accompanied by the undersecretary of the ministery, Mahmud Aleuy, and will participate of many activities.

Among the first actions of Burgos at the zone, it was the deliver of five armored jeeps to the Formation’s Group of Carabineros of Temuco, who are going to be in charge of the new prevention zone and also of exercise control over the Public Order.

In addition the minister headed the Policial Committee on the zone, in which have participated the General Director of Carabineros, Bruno Villalobos, the Director of the PDI, the new National Prosecutor, Jorge Abbott and the Intendant of La Araucanía, Andrés Jouannet.

After the committee, Burgos talked with the press present at the zone, to refer about some issues treated at the meeting. Thus, he explained that the authority is continuing working on the coordination between the police and the prosecuting office, in order to avoid new violence acts in the zone.