Improving her dentition was the dream of a 60-year-old-woman from Coronel, southern Chile.

In september she started her treatment at the Dental Center of La Araucana. She wanted to get implants, but the dentist told her that first she would have to use dentures. That was the point when the problem began.

As part of the treatment the woman, identified as María, was submitted to a total removal of teeth and molars of the superior jaw. Her daughter, Beatriz Pérez, told that the dentist, Marion Osses, had tried several times putting dentures to his mom, but she never got it. The answer that Beatriz and her relatives received from the dentist was the reason why they got mad.

“The professional declared herself incompetent and requested to her patient seek another dentist”.

Since September 16th Maria has remained toothless. She did not want go out of her house and by no means work at the store she has in Coronel.

During the brief dental treatment this family paid out almost $260.000 pesos. Now, they are demanding the return of the money while in addition they submitted a complaint before the Sernac.

After many attempts, the representatives of the Dental Center declined talk about the incident.