The ex-president Eduardo frei said that global powers, and among them France, should pay more attention to the Syrian situation, due to the conflict that the country is having since many years ago with the Islamic State. In addition he emphasized that they must assume their responsability about the transfer of weapons to ISIS.

Frei told that years ago he visited Syria, where he saw the hard reality faced by the people because of the death of their compatriots as a result of the civil war and the shellings. Situation that has not generated concern of the involved nations and that are global powers.

The ex-senator shared the vision of the Arabian-Syrian consul, Emilio Alehuanyi, who commented that the same countries that currently are suffering the actions of the Islamic State are who helped to created it, and have interfered on internal matters because of their interests in hydrocarbon.

Frei has also recognized the complexity of this subject and insisted on that the international powers should being responsibles and take decisions in order to not make worse the current situation, considering that ISIS is capable of settle down in Europe and spread the terrorism.