The plaintiffs of the Karadima’s case have criticized harshly the reaction of the Catholic Church after the declarations of the priest Fernando Karadima, in the frame of the civic sue submitted by his victims, where they have accused to the Archbishopric of Santiago of concealment of his crimes.

Through a public statement, Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton and José Andrés Murillo criticized what the priest said, who flatly denied the sexual assaults against children when he was parish priest of a church at an exclusive neighborhood of Santiago, reaching a high level of influence.

“We dont expected anything different from Karadima. At the moment of reading his answers to the questions of our lawyer, has appeared in a pristine way, the personality we have always known: Someone incapable of recognize his responsibilities, filled with a halo of superiority which becomes visible with every word, because he has been always served, financed and protected”, they assured.

The denounce is trying to make evident the slowness and the possible concealment of the Chilean Church of the abuses committed by the priest.

The Chilean justice considered in 2010 the prescription of the cause, but the Vatican declared to Karadima guilty of the crimes, thus, they have condemned him to a life of pray and penitence.